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Stemcord Storage Services

The establishment of StemCord is to focus on one main objective – the processing and preservation of your baby’s precious cord blood stem cells. StemCord understands that this is a long-term commitment and is dedicated to being your trusted cord blood bank. With the same goal as Qasya Diagnostic Services Sdn Bhd which is to provide our clients with the best possible service, now and into the future, we gladly announce that Qasya Diagnostic Services Sdn Bhd, is now the authorized agent for StemCord in Brunei Darussalam. Read More»

ImuPro - IGG Food Allergy

We gladly announce that Qasya Diagnostic Services Sdn Bhd,  are now officially partnering with ImuPro where we will be able to provide more sophisticated  and reliable blood analysis for IgG Food Allergy to our clients. Read More»


CentoICU® is designed to diagnose genetic conditions that become present in the newborn or early childhood period. Many of these have overlapping phenotypes and diagnosis may have immediate implications for the treatment of newborns and children. Read More»

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