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CentoICU® is designed to diagnose genetic conditions that become present in the newborn or early childhood period. Many of these have overlapping phenotypes and diagnosis may have immediate implications for the treatment of newborns and children. Read More» 


Invitae’s results come with clear next steps, so you know how to improve your health. We also make it easy to share with your doctor, so that you can work together to develop a plan that’s personalized to your body’s needs. Read more>>

Pantai Premier Allergy Panel

In-Vitro Testing (Blood Test) only requires a small amount of blood and able to give the Total IgE and 35 common allergens. Read more>>

USBiotek - Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivities are recognized to be correlated with many chronic health conditions, such as IBS, eczema, fatigue, and others – but with proper identification and elimination of offending foods, many experience relief from their symptoms. Read more>>

Evalyn® Brush

The Evalyn® Brush is the most reliable self-sampling device for screening for the Human PapillomaVirus (HPV). HPV is the causative agent of cervical cancer, the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths among women world-wide. Read More» 

Gene2me® offers at-home DNA testing to help you learn more about your ancestry, healthcare, dietary, nutrition, fitness, wellness and beauty Read more>>

Gene2me® Plus is a personalized medical check up service that analyzes genetic information to predict risks of cancer, common diseases, and eye diseases. Read more>>


Research overwhelmingly indicates that gut health impacts overall health. The gut microbiome, in particular, plays a critical role in mediating the effects of diet and other factors on health, including digestive, immune, metabolic and neuroendocrine functions.  Read more>>


The Academy of Medicine of Malaysia recommends that Colorectal Cancer Screening should start at age 40. Screening allows early detection of CRC Read more>>

Surface Hygiene Monitoring

Surface Hygiene Monitoring System is extremely useful and important for various sectors such as food production, the pharmaceutical industry, the beverage industry and the fast food sector. Read more>>

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