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Stool DNA Test

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the 3rd highest incidence worldwide and the 2nd most common cancer in Malaysia; with 65% detected at stage III and IV.

The Academy of Medicine of Malaysia recommends that Colorectal Cancer Screening should start at age 40. Screening allows early detection of CRC, increasing the 5-year survival rate significantly as the tumor growth is smaller and thus easier to treat.

COLOTECT™ is a non-invasive, highly sensitive screening test for colorectal cancer (CRC) and precancerous lesions. Human DNA is extracted from stool sample that is self-collected at home, and used for multiplex methylation specific PCR to detect abnormally methylated CRC marker genes – SDC2, ADHFE1, and PPP2R5C.

Test Details:

Test Code: CTS
Specimen Requirement:
Stool Sample (Kindly contact us for the kit)
TAT: 10 working days *Upon sample arrival at the core laboratory
Price: Please call us

Faecal Occult Blood test versus COLOTECT™ Stool DNA Test
Faecal Occult Blood

Testing Method

Adenoma Sensitivity
27% – 29%

Colorectal Cancer Sensitivity
Lower sensitivity (71% – 75%)
Detects hemoglobin in stool but limited sensitivity in early stage or advanced adenomas

Abnormalities Rate by Colonoscopy
17.9% (with positive rate, 9.3%)
Hemosure® -127,957 participants’ screening data in Malaysia



Testing Method
Multiplex qPCR

Adenoma Sensitivity

Colorectal Cancer Sensitivity
High sensitivity (88%)
Detects colorectal adenoma and biomarkers that are continuously shed into the stool

Abnormalities Rate by Colonoscopy
61.3% (with positive rate, 5.8%)
BGI COLOTECT™ – 18,136 participants’ screening data in Qingdao China


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