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Evalyn® Brush

Evalyn® BrushNot just a simple swab, but a true invitation to your screening program

The Evalyn® Brush is the most reliable self-sampling device for screening for the Human PapillomaVirus (HPV). HPV is the causative agent of cervical cancer, the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths among women world-wide.

Since many years, the Evalyn Brush is used in the Dutch Screening program for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer.

Self-sampling without discomfort

Timely screening can prevent cervical cancer. However, many women do not participate in screening at regular intervals, because they do not have enough time, or are worried, embarrassed, fear discomfort or for cultural reasons. The Evalyn® Brush helps to overcome these issues by allowing a screening sample to be taken in the privacy of your own home. It is an easy, safe and reliable method of collecting vaginal/cervical specimens without discomfort. The design and ease-of-use ensure the highest number of valid samples across all age groups.

Benefits of the Evalyn® Brush:

  • Flexible bristle technology for comfort and maximum yield;
  • Sterilized and individually packed;
  • Labeling with 2D barcode or data matrix;
  • Full color IFU with step by step graphics;
  • Made in The Netherlands;
  • Validated with PCR based assays;
  • Dry sample: no liquid in the mail;
  • Built-in features to assure correct sample taking;
  • All-in one: Sampler / IFU / Container in one attractive looking device;
  • Available with a unique RFID chip for fast processing in the lab;
  • Selected as the best self-sampling device by the Dutch and Danish cervical screening programs;
  • Designed by women for women.
Highest number of valid samples

The Evalyn® Brush is the only device offering built-in features to ensure correct sample taking and to reassure women. The insertion indicator wings and feedback “click sounds” guide the woman and simplify correct usage. The Evalyn® Brush soft and flexible bristles collect sufficient cell material, irrespective of the age or health of the woman concerned. This has been confirmed in several clinical studies. The large scale self-sampling implementation performed in Denmark showed a valid sample in 99.69% of the cases, with the Evalyn® brush. This study also demonstrated that the Evalyn® Brush is suitable for women across all age groups.

Easy to use, safe to ship, perfect to process

The Evalyn® Brush is more than just a device. It is a safe procedure for collecting, shipping and easy processing of self-collected samples. The Evalyn® itself is also the shipping container, so no extra and complicated handling is required by the woman. The cap and the packaging protect the sample during shipment. The sample is so rich in DNA that different dilutions can be applied on the sample in the laboratory dependent upon the volume in which the brush head is re-suspended into. These features make the Evalyn® Brush the most comprehensive solution in the field of self-sampling.

Unique identification with RFID

Mixing up samples ID’s? Secure identification of the woman returning a self-taken sample is pivotal for the integrity of any self-sampling program. Equipped with barcodes or data matrix, the Evalyn® Brush can also be provided with unique identification technology: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) where an identification chip is incorporated in the device. Using a touch free scanner, the brush can be linked to a patient ID.

User ExperienceCompared with a smear done by the family doctor, women find the Evalyn® Brush very handy and user-friendly. As the test is done at home, your privacy is guaranteed.

The handy instructions supplied with it make using the Evalyn® Brush simple. If you follow the steps one by one, you know for sure that you have sampled enough cellular material for a good test in the laboratory. You can’t go wrong.

What makes using the Evalyn® Brush so comfortable is that no fluids are involved. You cannot make a mess while carrying out the test. And after the test is over, you feel no discomfort such as that caused by a dribbling of fluid (unexpectedly).

The Evalyn® Brush was designed by women, especially for women. Research has revealed that women are positive about using the Evalyn® Brush: it is safe, quick and painless.

Because you can use the Evalyn Brush at home, you have more privacy
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