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Allergy Test

Allergy ASEAN Panel IgEAL36A8-14Allergy
Allergy Package Panel 1 IgEPP01A8-14Allergy
Allergy Package Panel 2 IgEPP02A8-14Allergy
Allergy Package Panel 3 IgEPP03A8-14Allergy
Allergy Package Panel 4 IgEPP04A8-14Allergy
Allergy Package Panel 5 IgEPP05A8-14Allergy
Allergy Package Panel 6 IgEPP06A8-14Allergy
Allergy Package Panel 7 IgEPP07A8-14Allergy
Antibiotic Allergy IgEANTIpA8-14Allergy
Bird Feathers Mix IgEEX73A8-14Allergy
Cereal Mix IgEFX3pA8-14Allergy
Common Food Mix 1 IgEFX5A8-14Allergy
Common Food Mix 2 IgEFX10A8-14Allergy
EUROIMMUN Allergy Atopy Panel IgEEURO54A8-14Allergy
EUROIMMUN Paediatrics Atopy IgEPAED27A8-14Allergy
Food intolerance IgEFITTA8-14Allergy
Fruit Mix IgEFX15A8-14Allergy
Grass Mix IgEGX2A8-14Allergy
House Dust Mix IgEHX2pA8-14Allergy
ImmunoCAP Eczema Adult IgEICEAA8-14Allergy
ImmunoCAP Eczema Paediatric IgEICEPA8-14Allergy
ImmunoCAP Gastrointestinal Panel IgEICGIA8-14Allergy
ImmunoCAP General Panel IgEICGA8-14Allergy
ImmunoCAP Rhinitis/Asthma Adult IgEICRAAA8-14Allergy
ImmunoCAP Rhinitis/Asthma Paediatric IgEICRAPA8-14Allergy
Mould Mix 1 IgEMX1A8-14Allergy
Mould Mix 2 IgEMX2pA8-14Allergy
Nuts Mix IgEFX1pA8-14Allergy
Occupational Allergen IgEK82A8-14Allergy
Occupational Chemical Mix IgEPAX6A8-14Allergy
Phadiatop Infant IgEPHATA8-14Allergy
Phadiatop Inhalant IgEPHADA8-14Allergy
Pet Dander Mix IgEEX2pA8-14Allergy
Seafood Mix IgEFX2pA8-14Allergy
Spice Mix IgEFX72A8-14Allergy
Single Allergy Test 1 IgESA1A8-14Allergy
Single Allergy Test 2 IgESA2A8-14Allergy
Single Allergy Test 3 IgESA3A8-14Allergy
Single Allergy Test 4 IgESA4A8-14Allergy
Single Allergy Test 5 IgESA5A8-14Allergy
Single Allergy Test 6 IgESA6A8-14Allergy
Cord Blood Total IgECBIGEA8-14Allergy
Total IgETIGEA8-14Allergy
Tree Pollens IgETX7A8-14Allergy
96 Asian Food Panel IgG/ IgA/ IgG496 Asian FoodA15 - 28Allergy
*Turn Around Time (TAT) does not include weekends or public holidays.

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